Watch Your Language

from by Cell

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Give me 10 seconds,
I'll have all this mics checking.
Since I was young
they said I ask too many questions.
Now that I'm grown,
they say I'm coming out perplexing.
Changing your perception.
Rigged like the election.
You better check that forecast,
I'm not what you're expecting.
Like Fox News,
spitting political intention
in red hues, bending spines,
replacing tension.
If you spitting fiction,
you better re-access your time spent.
If you religious,
you better board up in the convent.
And Mr. President,
while we on the subject,
I've been seeing
millions of civillions
who are upset.
They be catching much wreck.
They a little suspect.
While we stay poor,
politicians gaining prospects.
Corrupt motherfuckers
camping out in the office.
I guess that's the process:
fuck your brother and make profit.
Lord of the Rings,
but you never knew the Hobbit.
Never trust a prophet,
hold your bible when you vomit.
Fuck the booth,
I'm about to go spit outside,
about the truth.
Add yeast to the dough, and rise.
It's the youth
that we got to keep our eyes on.
I got the proof,
that we need to get our rise on.
There's no excuse,
to get lost in the horizon.

Fuck a chop shop,
I'll whip a drop top.
I'm looking for a girl
who's down with hopscotch
and can pop scotch.
And watch Lost,
while chewing pop-rocks.
Respect at no cost.
A neck with no cross,
and no Religion.
It's just my opinion,
that these red-headed women
with hair like fine linen
are leaving my head spinning.
With thoughts of French tips,
thin neck with wide hips,
green eyes with big lips.
I spit this,
with quickness.
I got no misses,
I just blow kisses.
And as to what they blow?
That's none of your business.
Personally, I never cater to adversity.
I'm used to diversity
so bowing down would be a first for me.
Even with the worst of me,
I'll leave you with a thirst for me.
In the university,
I always was the first to speak.
Like Rich Gere,
I flip to fifth gear.
It took a mere year,
for me to appear here.
MC's be scared,
like No Fear Shakespeare.
Your shit be queer,
like a dick in the rear.
Let me be clear: shit shakes when I'm near,
like earthquakes,
when the Earth breaks,
in a couple of years.


from Watch Your Language Demo, track released June 3, 2010



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Cell Lynn, Massachusetts

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